Mathematics I

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

The final grade, on a 0-20 scale, is awarded on the basis of either continuous evaluation or final exam.

  • The continuous evaluationconsists of two one-hour written tests graded on a 0-10 scale:

The first (Mid-term assessment) covers topics 1 to 7 of the syllabus;

The second covers the remaining topics (8 to 13) and occurs simultaneously with the final exam.

The final grade is the sum of the grades of the two tests, if none of the tests is marked below 3.5.

If the second test is graded below 3.5, the final grade is obtained converting this grade to a 0-20 scale, regardless of the grade of the first test.

  • The final examconcerns the whole syllabus and has a duration of two hours.
  • A student in continuous evaluation may opt to drop outand submit to final exam. Since the exam comprises two parts, the second of which includes the same questions as in the second test, this option is materialised by simply answering both parts.
  • For both the tests and the final exam, the only material allowed is one two-sided A4 sheet of paperwith notes elaborated by the student.
  • If the continuous evaluation grade or the exam grade is greater than 17, an oral examination is needed to determine the final grade.
  • The above rules concerning duration, materials allowed, and grades greater than 17 apply also to the resit exam.


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