Mathematics II

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

Normal period

Assessment in normal period has three components:

(a) Weekly quizzes answered in the aquila platform, (20 % of final grade);

  1. b) Mid-term examination (40 % of final grade);
  2. c) Final examination (40 % of final grade).

Students who wish to improve their mid-term examination grade, may take a second opportunity examination on occasion of the final examination. In that case, the previous result of the mid-term is automatically nullified.

The final grade is the average of (a),(b),(c) with the weights above, computed with the grades rounded to first decimal places.

To pass the assessment, students must have final grade of at least 9.5/20 and at least 7.5/20 in each of the components (b),(c). The final grade for students who obtain less than 7.5 in any of the components (b),(c) is the minimum between 7 and the final grade computed as above.

Students with an abnormally large difference between the grade obtained in the weekly quizzes and the grades obtained in examination, may be required to answer a new set of quizzes in the presence of a professor. In that case, the grade obtained in the new set replaces the grade obtained in the weekly quizzes.


Second examination

Assessment in second examination consists of one single written examination covering all topics of the UC .

Students pass if they obtain a grade equal or greater than 9.5/20.


Reference material allowed during examinations

During partial examinations (mid-term examination, final examination in normal period), students are allowed 1 sheet (2 pages), size A4 , of reference material of their choice.

During second examination, they are allowed 2 sheets ( A4 ) of reference material.


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