Operational Research

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

• During the break week there will be a midterm exam that covers the first half of the program. In the ” época Normal” (EN) there will be a second midterm that covers the second half of the program. In this day students who wish may choose to repeat the evaluation of the first half of the program. Each half of the program has a 50 % worth of the final grade .
• Students who do not get a grade higher than or equal to 9.5 in the average of the two mini-tests or examination of EN, or a minimum of (4 in 10, in each mid term) will be submitted to the ” época de Recurso ” .
• Students who obtain 17.5 or more and would like to have a final grade greater than 17 may be called to an oral exam .
• It is allowed to consult 1 A4 sheet in the midterms and 2 A4 sheets in the other exams .
• Calculating machines are not allowed, neither in the exams nor in the midterms.

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