Production and Operations Management

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

Student evaluation is defined by School Regulations. The reading of the regulations is strongly advised.
The course evaluation consists of a final exam covering all topics, weighting 65% of the final grade , and a midterm exam. The midterm exam will take place on April 4 at 8 a.m. and has a weight of 35% .
The continuous evaluation will only be considered if it benefits the student’s final grade. Students must, however, have a minimum grade of 9 out of 20 values in the final exam for the continuous evaluation to be considered. The continuous evaluation will only be considered in two periods of examination (first exam and second exam). In the case of the special exam and grade improvements the final grade will be equal to that of the final exam.
For students who miss the midterm exam, the final exam will be weighted 100%.
All the evaluations (final exam, and midterm exam) are conducted without consultation of study materials. Additional information such as statistical tables or formulae will be supplied along with the exam questions. Students must bring their own calculator to the final exam, and midterm exam. Usage of any other electronic device with computational capabilities, such as cellular phones, is forbidden. Sharing of calculators among students during the final exam will not be tolerated.


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