Sociology of Work

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

“Época normal” (regular assessment method);

– Continuous assessment during the semester;

– In this case, students are required to attend and participate in classes, as well as to undertake group exercises. This component is composed of the following elements:

a) Participation and performance in in-class exercises, in small groups (three to four students): 30% of the final grade. Please consult the provided table with details for grading;

b) An individual written test – “Época Normal” – scheduled by the academic services: 70% of the final grade (or 100%, if more beneficial for the student). Students are not allowed to consult any material.

– An individual written test – “Época Normal”
This is scheduled by the academic services (100%).

“Época de recurso” (written individual test)
For this assignment, students are expected to take a written individual test that covers the whole programme (100%). Students are not allowed to consult any material. This assignment is available to:

– students who did not opt for the previous evaluation process (“Época Normal”);

– students who failed the semester (“Época normal”);

– students who wish to improve their grades.

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