Statistics II

Julho 2, 2017

Método de Avaliação

Classes comprise lectures and exercises. Therefore, theoretical models are considered together with examples, exercises and empirical analysis of real data.
The final grade, in a scale of 0 to 20, is awarded based on a written exam, as follows.
1. The assessment is based on an individual written final exam with 2h duration, except in the date of the first exam take (Normal Take or “Época Normal”), in which the student can choose between two partial tests or a final exam according to section 4.

2. A minimum final grade of 10 is required to pass the course.

3. Common rules to all exams:
1. Each student can take to the written tests an approved calculator, and the form and the tables on the course page. The forms and tables must be unloaded and printed (front and back). The form and the tables can not contain any personal annotation under penalty of disqualification.
2. When the classification of any exam (or when the average of the 2 partial tests) is higher than 17, the student will be asked to complete a supplementary (written and/or oral) test. The no-show to the supplementary test implies the final grade of 17.
3. If there are less than 10 students enrolled for the Special Take (“Época Especial”), the written test may be replaced by an oral test.

4. Assessment in the Normal Take (“Época Normal”): as mentioned in point 1, the student can choose between two partial tests or a final exam:
1. Assessment through 2 partial tests . Each test has 1h duration. The first test covers the subject matter lectured until week 6 (inclusive) and the second test covers the remaining material. Each test is graded on a scale of 0 to 10 and the final classification will be the sum of the classifications obtained in each test, without rounding. The first test will take place in the week of school interruption. The second test will take place on the date of the normal take date examination.
2. Assessment based on a final exam . The final exam contains 2 parts: a part corresponding to the subject of the first test and a part equal to the second test. On the date of the normal take exam the student will have to choose between taking the second test or the final exam. On that date, students who do not deliver the second test within one hour will automatically be taking the final exam, giving up the first test grade. In this case, the final grade is the of the final exam.

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